Bike Service & Repair

Your Bike Maintenance Needs Covered

At Ray's Bike Shop, our service departments are staffed by friendly, professional bike mechanics. When you bring a bike in for service, we make every effort to keep turnaround time to a minimum, and rush service is usually available for an additional $20 charge. If you need more information regarding turnaround times or what services we offer, please contact a location near you today and a service manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

*Ray's no longer buys take-off parts. Cost of replacement parts not included in labor rates listed below.

Ray's Tune-Up Package Options

Basic Tune-Up


Inspect and adjust shifting and braking systems

Clean and lubricate drivetrain

True wheels

Inflate tires

Inspect for worn/damaged parts; tighten loose parts

Wipe down frame

Complete Tune-Up


Includes Basic Tune-Up plus:

Unsealed bearing overhaul, including headset, front and rear hubs, bottom bracket



Complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection, and rebuilding of all components

Ray's À La Carte Repair Options

Tire/tube replacement: on bike - $10

Tire/tube replacement: off bike - $7

Derailleur adjustment - $17

Brake adjustment - $18

Chain replacement - $20

Drivetrain cleaning - $17

Frame cleaning/detail - $20

Bike boxing for shipping - $65

Assembling of boxed bike - $60

Tire scrub down - $15

Wheel truing (per wheel) - $18

Complete bike wash - $25